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Students at our school are not only Franklin High School students, but also members of small learning communities, or academies. Small learning communities: increase professional collaboration, improve content-area integration, and foster student engagement. The academy model focuses on comprehensive skill development while simultaneously generating increased student engagement and meaningful applications of student learning. A variety of co-curricular and student activities compliment our academy model.

9th Grade Academies

Each ninth grade student is assigned to a team of teachers when entering Franklin High School.  Student assignments are based on prior grades, test-scores, and attendance patterns. A Language Arts teacher, a World History teacher and a Physical Science teacher share the same group of students. These students travel together as a class between those three subjects. This structure makes a student's entry into Franklin more personal by giving students a common group of peers and teachers.   These teachers work together throughout the year to create the best learning experience possible for each student. Each of the ninth grade teams complete common projects, like the 9th grade poetry slam and history day.


10th -12th Grade

Students select one of four academies to join at the end of their 9th grade year. These academies share common course content, skill-development, and instructional practices. It is the creation of sustained relationships between teachers and students, as well as co-curricular activities and assignments that set Franklin High School’s academy model apart from traditional high-schools. Regardless of what academy a student joins, they will participate in a carefully-coordinated program of study that will prepare them for post-high school studies and/or work.

Currently, Franklin has 4 Academies and more information is provided on the individual academy pages:

Academy of Finance

The John Stanford Public Service and Political Science Academy

C.R.E.A.T.E. (Construction Related, Engineering, and Arcitectural Technical Experience)

Humanities Academy





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